Role of the Key Person

In order to promote better communication between the staff and parent/carers and therefore meet the developmental needs of the children, we implement a Key Person system at Sally-Anna's.


A Key Person is a member of staff who will be allocated to you and your child and who willprovide a direct interface between yourself and the group about any matters concerning your child.


The role of your Key Person is;

  • To greet you and your child in the morningand record any important information such as a change of adult collector, and new health or medication instructions
  • To receive and note any information regarding your child's home routine, which may have an effect on your child's performance during the day
  • To monitor your child's daily progress and achievements and report any significant news when the child is collected
  • To ask for your input to assist your child's development
  • To provide your child's 'Learning Journey' which is available in your child's drawer
  • Observe your child on a daily basis


All staff are responsible for monitoring, observing and assessing the progress in reaching the Early Learning Goals of all the children registered at Sally-Anna's. However, your Key Person will be primarily responsible for your child whilst he/she is in attendance at the nursery and should you have any questions, information or concerns your Key Person is the first point of contact.