Daily Routine

What is a routine? A routine is any activity that we do automatically on a daily basis.


When children grow up without routines, duties and limits, they grow up in an uncontrolled manner and become difficult to manage.




One of the biggest responsibilities of parents and equally held in high regard here at Sally-Anna's Day Nursery is to provide a structured and nurturing environment in which children can become prepared for life as an adult. It's critical that we stimulate our children's minds, social skills, emotions and bodies. Routines play an integral part in this stimulation, ensuring that children understand and embrace their duties and receive the nurturing and care that's so important to them.


Studies have documented that schedules and routines influence children’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. Predictable and consistent schedules help children feel secure and comfortable. Also, schedules and routines help children understand the expectations of the environment and reduce the frequency of behavior problems, such as tantrums and acts of aggression.


Sally-Anna's daily routine allows child initiated learning, and a typical day would include:


9.00/1.00 Register / Greeting Time

9.10/1.10 Small Group Time (This is when your child works in their key group with their key worker doing an activity planned from the interest of the children)

9.40/1.40 Planning Time (The children plan in their key groups taking responsibility and taking ownership of their morning, developing independence, decision making and confidence)

9.45/1.45 Doing Time (When the children have made a decison on what they want to do they then get stuck in to the activity of their choice)

10.25/2.30 Tidy Up Time

10.35/2.40 Large Group Time (Whether it be a story, singing, parachute play, circle games etc)

11.00/3.00 Outdoor Playtime