Meal Times

Breakfast is served from 7.30am till 8.40am. Cereal and toast is offered to the children with water or milk.


Snacks are provided during the day for the children, normally consisting of fruit or vegetables, crackers, breadsticks, cracker bread with milk or water to drink, through a rolling snack process. Snack is given around 10.00am and 2.00pm. 


We promote healthy eating throughout the nursery. The lunch that we provide is nutritious and varied. We introduce new tastes to the children and give them the opportunity to see the vegetables before they are cooked.


Lunch times vary;


Babies - 11.30

Poppets - 11.45

Little Angels - 11.45

Little Pre-school - 11.45

Pre-school - 11.45


Lunches are eaten in designated areas within the childrens rooms, so that it can be cleared away without any disruptions. Any dietary requirements must be noted on the child's registration form and staff informed and information will be given to the cook.


Tea times vary;

Babies - 3.30

Poppets - 3.30

Little Angels - 3.30

Little Pre-school - 3.45

Pre-school - 4.00


This is a light meal consisting of sandwiches, beans on toast or homemade pizza etc. We ask parents not to collect their children during tea time, so that the staff are able to feed all of the children and prepare them for hometime. Therefore we ask all parents to collect before tea, or after tea time.